Kovas Saffo


Kovas lives in Merrimac, MA with his family and dog Meska in a 325 year old Saltbox. He has been a part of the White Pine family for over ten years. He enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and gathering wood for a skin on frame Aleutian Baidarka he is building with traditional tools. The summer of 2018 was spent paddling and sailing the Maine Island Trail from Damariscotta to Machias in an Umiak. Kovas is also an Apprentice at Lowell’s Boat Shop In Amesbury, MA where he builds and restores wooden boats. Currently, he is helping to restore the Mayflower II Shallop. Kovas is a homeschooler who loves tracking, friction fire, surfing, horseback riding, kayaking and snowshoeing. He loves to work, learn, teach and play alongside his fellow Pineys.