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What We Value in Our Staff

We call ourselves “Pineys.” Being a Piney isn’t just about “playing with kids in the woods.” (but that is a wicked nice perk). Our staff are entrusted with the awesome responsibility of creating personalized, high-quality, adventures in nature-connection for kids, teens and adults. We take that responsibility seriously….and we have fun doing so.


Our staff culture is both challenging & supportive. Here’s a list of some of the qualities we’re looking for when recruiting Pineys:

  • Service-Minded: You’ve Gotta Like Humans. We value people who are truly helpful to others (in thought & action), who put empathy & respect before judgement & blame, who can safely manage risk in varied conditions, and who can deliver good customer service to the wide range of people who come our way.
  • Mentors with Heart: You’ve Gotta Show Up Fully. This work is about relationships – creating connections between both nature & people – and connections between people. We value those with a clear mind & a big heart. You can’t check your heart or mind at the door every day.
  • Embodied Wildness: You’ve Gotta Be Wildness at times. The mouse who is blind-with-rage or self-pitying is soon dinner for the invisible stoat. We value life-affirming people here – a blend of buzzing vitality, contagious curiousity & disarming inner peace.
  • Creative, Risk-Taking Collaborators: You’ve Gotta Be Willing To Take Chances. We’ve all got different mojo (thank goodness). We value a team with a diversity of gifts & talents to inspire, excite, and open the minds of those we work with.  Piney Goals + Unique You = Superpowers.
  • Integrity & Maturity Required: You’ve Gotta Be Responsible for Yourself (you’re momma don’t work here). We value folks who show up on time, look presentable, & have good hygiene; who work hard and communicate responsibly; who follow-through & value doing the right thing over being right. We take our work seriously while enjoying the wild ride.
  • Work-in-Progress: You’ve Gotta Be Willing to Stretch Yourself. No one is perfect, and we value folks who challenge their “edges,” comfort zones, and personal blocks; who forgive themselves & treat others respectfully; who approach situations with honesty & humility. This all takes courage, vulnerability and a commitment to professional growth via honest feedback.

Pineys are wicked curious, dynamic humans. Pineys possess a thirst for knowledge & personal growth. We value humor, playfulness & deep connection in our lives. We have been known to geek out with field guides, create epic adventures & humbly serve our community with little whining.

Does This Sound Like You?



2018 Summer Camp Positions Open!

Priority given to applicants who can make full commitment: June 25th training week + 4-5 summer camp weeks 


Site Manager for our wilderness site will oversee staff and volunteers with our 11-14 year old campers. Adventurous spirit with organized, grounded management skills will be well suited for this role. Click here for full job description


Site Assistant for each of our 3 summer camp locations. Each assistant is directed by Site Managers and acts as liaison between managers & Lead Instructor. Enthusiastic “Yes!” attitude and excitement for great diversity within a your position will serve you well in this role. Click here for full job description


Lead Instructors guide children ages 5-14 in age appropriate groups and experiences. Gotta love kids and being outdoors in all conditions, be the first one to say Yes! to getting dirty, being playful, switching gears and have a team oriented attitude. Click here for full job description