Do you do birthday parties?

Unfortunately a bald eagle stole our clown suit and a bear ate all of our birthday cake, so we no longer do birthday parties.

Is there special gear needed to participate in your program?

Dressing appropriately for weather conditions and for one’s ability to carry personal gear are imperative. Along with specific guidelines for this, a gear list is provided for each program’s needs. Please view the specific gear list for your program through the link on the program’s page or in your confirmation email (after registering). Please know creative solutions to acquiring proper gear are encouraged! Secondhand, borrowing from friends and reaching out to us for hard to acquire gear are all great options.

Is there any structure to a day at White Pine?

Our staff is super awesome at balancing planned, unstructured time with a very carefully chartered flow of each day. For all the programs we offer, a day in the field generally looks like…welcoming everyone as they arrive, the whole group coming together to begin the day in unity, then off on adventures either together or in smaller, more intimate groups. The group reconvenes at day’s end. We are generally outdoors exploring for the duration of our programs.

What can I expect with a day at White Pine?

Getting down in the dirt or snow or mud or swamp etc… kids, teens or adults alike. Expect to be moving at times and stationary at others, to carry all your personal belongings for the day with you, including all your food and beverages, and to get a lot of fresh air- that along with the outdoor activity can make for tired bodies at day’s end.

What is the difference in programs offered to the same age group?

Our programs have similar philosophies, curriculum goals and structure. What varies program to program, is specific activities and curriculum based on program focus, location, season, weather, age of participents, and interests of those involved.

How do you handle adverse weather conditions during a program?

We are out in all sorts of weather — rain, sun, cold, heat, wind or biting insects. Dressing in proper clothing for the conditions is important for safety and the enjoyment of the individual and group. For extreme weather events during a program, our staff follows safety protocols to ensure group safety.

Can my child be grouped with their friend?

Making groups can be a complex task here. Our staff has many factors to consider when creating the groups for a program. Any special requests for your child’s group will certainly be considered — and whenever reasonable, accommodated. However, we cannot guarantee requested pairings. When it is not possible, we encourage families to see the opportunities and possibilities that arise when we learn to adapt and stretch ourselves to uncomfortable places.

How is your staff trained?

All of our Lead Instructors have at minimum Wilderness First Aid certification, experience with leading children in nature connection programs, and a genuine love for the natural world. Staff undergo ongoing training throughout the program year and receive positive and constructive feedback to help them with continuous growth professionally.

Along with the above certifications, Trip Guides in Maine are certified as Registered Maine Guides.

Do you require background checks?

Yes, all adult staff and volunteers who have direct contact with participants at White Pine undergo a background check before they become involved.

What is your ratio of staff to participants?

We generally do not exceed a ratio of 1 staff to 10 participants. There are special programs and circumstances that may alter this ratio. However, more often than not, groups will have other staff on site and volunteers assisting. This low ratio allows for more intimate experiences geared towards the group and individuals.

Do you offer custom experiences?

Yes! We currently offer custom experiences based on your nature connection goals. Custom experiences often depend on staff availability, amount of advanced notice, and our assessment of how well we can meet your goals. Custom experiences can include wildlife tracking, fire making, navigation, games, woodland shelter building, local flora and fauna, leadership and team building… experiences may be for youth, teens, adults, corporate trainings, clubs, etc… They can be designed from indoor needs to wilderness experiences.