Financial Aid

Our Approach

At White Pine, we strive to reach as many members of our community as possible. We are dedicated to making our programs accessible and affordable to all and need your help supporting our financial aid program. You can do this by selecting the “support a camper” tuition or by making a donation at checkout. As a small 501(C)3 non-profit, our participant fees do not cover all of the actual costs of programming. We rely on generous individuals and businesses to help cover the gap. Any and all donations will be receipted for tax purposes, and are greatly appreciated.

Our goal is for accessible programming, so we ask that you pay pulling off bark with an axwhatever it is that you can. The majority of our aid awards range between 25% – 50% of tuition. At this time, we are offering all adult and family programming on a sliding scale basis. This means that, when registering, you should select the tuition that fits your budget, keeping in mind that White Pine is a non-profit organization that needs community support to pay for programming.

How to Request Financial Aid

Looking for financial aid? Our new process is super easy during the online Registration process.

  • simply select the tuition your family can afford
  • then respond to a few short questions.

Applying for aid does not guarantee we can provide you with the requested amount, however. We will do the best we can based on enrollment and the fundraising we do during registration. Applicants will be notified within 45 days of their registration. If making the non-refundable deposit is a hardship, please call our office at 207-361-1911

Other Information

  • While our standard aid awards range from 25 – 50%, if this is not enough for your family, please ask for what you need.
  • There is a $3,000 family maximum of aid per fiscal year (September 1 – August 31).
  • Because of limited resources, we cannot guarantee that all funding requests will be granted.
  • If an extended payment plan would enable your participation in a program, please contact our office at 207-361-1911.
  • Our standard cancellation policy is still in effect for all registrations unless requested financial aid is not funded.

Interested in sponsoring a scholarship? Please contact us to find out how you can help!