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Expert Lecture Series: What do Mountain Lions and McDonald’s Have in Common?

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Date(s) - Friday October 4th, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

York Public Library

Mountain lions are elusive animals, living in between us who live in the west like ghosts. We fear them because they have massive teeth and claws, and because they sometime kill livestock and compete for the deer and elk we value. Perhaps for all these reasons, few people have considered whether mountain lions might also be good for ecosystems, and in turn, good for us. Join Mark Elbroch as he explores this question—do mountain lions disproportionately contribute to their environments in positive ways? He’ll share anecdotes, images and videos of research of mountain lion predation (killing and eating prey), and its diverse effects on local communities. And of course, you’ll gain some insights into what mountain lions and McDonald’s have in common.


Location: York Public Library

Date/Time: Friday 10/4 at 7 :00 PM

This is a FREE Event


Dr. Mark Elbroch is the Director of the Puma Program for Panthera, a science organization working to conserve the world’s wild cats. Mark’s work has been covered by the BBC, NatGeo Wild, New York Times, National Public Radio, and the Washington Post, among others. Mark is also the author/coauthor of 10 books on natural history, including the Peterson’s Reference Guide to the Behavior of North American Mammals, and the new edition of Mammal Tracks and Sign: A Guide to North American Species (August, 2019). More can be found at