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Field Trips

White Pine Programs offers field trip opportunities for schools and organizations that are looking for an off-site, nature-based education & hands-on experience. We offer both full and half-day experiences.

Half-Day Agenda Example

  • Opening Circle/Bringing Minds Together
  • Full Group Game (Wild Play)
  • Group Work/Activities
  • Group Reflections/Lunch on the Land
  • Closing Circle

Full Day Agenda Example

  • Opening Circle/Bringing Minds Together
  • Full Group Game (Wild Play)
  • Snack on Land
  • Group Work/Activities
  • Lunch on the Land
  • Group Work/Activities
  • Group Reflections
  • Closing Circle
SELT Field Trip

Field trips can be focused on:

Curriculum/Standards (all grade levels & content areas)

We are confident that we can help you evaluate a diverse array of standards, from any content area, with some intentional & creative- thinking. Nature-based learning is for everyone, in every content area, and the dynamic experiences can be looked at through a multitude of lenses. Example: (Literacy) Reading/Writing Standards: sit spot journaling with prompt; using indexes, table of contents, and informational text features to research an organism; reflection after experiences; nature-related topics from experiences on the school’s land for argumentative pieces; imaginative narratives of ecological relationships & events using story maps, tracking & inquiry.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Team-Building

A combination of Curriculum & SEL / Team-Building 

Requesting a Field Trip Opportunity with White Pine Programs:

  • Please send in requests as far in advance of the prospective field trip date as possible.
  • When requesting information, please provide us: 
    • Name, position, school/organization, grade level/age
    • 3 ideal field trip dates (will factor weather plans)
      • Half day or full day
    • Field trip description of focus:
      • What are the goals of this experience?
      • Are there any specific themes/areas of study you wish to focus on?
    • Whether or not you have funding available, or would need support in creatively addressing finances.

Note: White Pine will travel to your school for special events, presentations and/or on-site programming (i.e. STEAM Days, Ecology Labs).

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Jannetti, Director of School Programs