Land Acknowledgement

Teens on Mt A

Our intention of a land acknowledgement is to honor & show gratitude as a sign of respect and willingness to heal, to talk about displacement and to understand what it means, to uplift the indigenous peoples in our community and to state our intentions of advocating for native sovereignty.

At the beginning of all our programs, we share White Pine’s land acknowledgement, below. Throughout our program day, we find opportunities to connect children, teens and adults to this important part of our curriculum.

White Pine’s Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge the Pennacook Abenaki people of the Wabanaki Nations as the first inhabitants of this land that we now call York, Maine. 

We recognize that access to this land is only possible because of the forceful removal and displacement of the Pennacook Abenaki people from these lands. We are committed to uplifting the voices, culture and sovereignty of the Wabanaki Nation through education, advocacy and financial support.

Please join us in supporting the people of the Wabanaki Nation by donating to: 

Maine-Wabanki REACH

Four Directions Development Corporation

Wabanki’s Community Response Fund within Maine-Wabanaki Reach: