Programs Overview

At White Pine, we have programs for all ages and experience levels being outdoors! Below our programs are organized by age group and frequency. Each program has its own page, which is linked. Please feel free to send us an email or call our office if you have any questions! If you’re a school administrator or teacher, please be sure to check out our “For Schools” page where we outline all the options for collaboration.

Come Explore With Us!

Leaves at CRES

Youth Programs (ages 4 – 15)

Forest School Ways of the Wild: weekly

Forest Kindergarten & Preschool aka: Acorn Weevils – weekly

Forest Adventure Club: (Formerly Fire+Water) Youth weekend program one Saturday per month

White Pine Nature Club: After school Portsmouth & York, weekly

Winter Break Day Camp: Maine, February break

April Vacation Day Camp: Maine, April break

Crickets: Half day summer camp

Coastal Forest Day Camp: 6+ weeks of summer camp

Leadership Adventure Camp / Piney Tweens Camp: 3 weeks of summer camp

SELT Field Trip

For Teens (13 – 16)

Counselor in Training (CIT’s) Program: commitment varies with availability

Teen Wilderness Camping Weekends: monthly 48 hr immersion

Forest School Ways of the Wild: Weekly

White Mountains New Years Teen Retreat: Adventure into 2024

Teen Summer Expeditions: Jaunt and/or Ramble

Leadership Adventure Camp / Piney Tweens Summer Camp: for ages 10-14