2021 Teen Expeditions

Ages 13 - 17

Gear List:
Teen Expeditions

Is your teen craving for independence and adventure??

Teens naturally seek “the edge”… and these trips are designed with that in mind. Give your teen the chance to make deep nature connections, restoring peace & building personal resilience this summer with one or two expeditions!

White Mountain Jaunt

July 6-9: Sandwich Range, New Hampshire
4 Day, 3 Night Expedition

The White Mountain Jaunt will offer an exciting 4-day adventure for teens of all ages, while also serving as an excellent introduction to backpacking and wilderness camping for those looking for just a taste of what it’s like! Click Here for More Details

Bushcraft Fellowship

July 19-23: Seacoast Area
5 Day, 4 Night Expedition

A teen expedition designed for teens who love making things! It is at the core of being human to learn about our environment by manipulating the resources around us to meet our needs. Click Here for More details

White Mountain Ramble

August 1-6 : Evan’s Notch
6 days 5 nights

This trip takes teens well off the beaten track & deep into the wilderness, where they’ll spend 6 screen-free days exploring the White Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire with a skilled guide and assistant. A blend of adventure, challenge & fun, teens will empower themselves through developing and honing off-trail navigation skills. Click Here for More Details

Notch Explorers

Aug 16-20 : Evan’s Notch
5 day,  4 Night Expedition

Is your teen interested in exploring the rugged vastness of the White Mountains, but not especially keen on carrying the weight of an overnight backpack? This Teen expedition is designed with them in mind! More Details Click Here