After School Adventures – Seacoast Area

Ages 5 - 15


Available to schedule your group – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


After school programs are arranged directly with the school district. Please check back for available programs!

These are all-outdoor program – even if it’s an indoor recess day. Dress for the weather and wear clothes and footwear that can get filthy.

Nov – Dec:  Send along an article of blaze orange to wear. We wear blaze orange during hunting season- no matter the location.

Program Summary

For many years, White Pine has provided after school programming for children throughout the Seacoast. For two hours after school, children get outside and explore the woods and grassy areas with a new purpose: Nature Connection. Just beyond their playground boundary lies adventure: birds to watch, wildlife to track, a wide array of trees to identify and wetlands to explore. Set up in small groups, our experienced Educators lead children to see a whole new side of their school’s backyard.

Program Objectives

  • Get outside after a long day of learning and sitting
  • Learn to appreciate that a school yard has much more to offer than meets the eye
  • Grow confidence through exploration
  • Increase comfort being outdoors in all conditions
  • Develop listening and observation skills through sit spots and journaling
  • Connect with other children
  • Get dirty! Be a kid! Play!

Program Details

White Pine is available to run this program Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and will work with interested schools to create a programs that works for their demographic and location. Scholarships are available and we never turn children away for this program based on ability to pay.

To request more information, please email Heather Campbell.

All programs this winter will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at

Nature Club