Backtracking Bobcats

Adults and interested teens 12+


Sunday Feb 6, 2021
9am – 3pm



Dress in layers for the conditions incorporating synthetic under layers, fleece or wool sweater, winter jacket & snow- or insulated pants, winter boots, warm socks, winter hat & mittens/gloves.

Please bring snowshoes and trekking poles (we have some to borrow, so don’t hesitate to ask if needed).

Bring a hearty lunch, snacks, water bottle. Warm beverage in a thermos is often a welcome boost during lunch break.


Full Tuition $75, sliding scale

within 12 miles of Cider Hill Office

Are you curious about the wildlife tracks you see after a snowfall? White Pine Programs’ Certified Wildlife Tracker Amy Beal, is leading this full day workshop where we’ll traverse the haunts, hunting grounds, and trails of the elusive Bobcat. We’ll search for scats, scent mounds, sprays, hunting beds, and lays, expanding our understanding of how this secretive carnivore is adapting its hunting strategies and diversifying its palate.

  • deepen connection to nature through wildlife tracking
  • enrich understanding of wildlife strategies for winter survival
  • gain insight into the the natural history of the Bobcat
  • enjoy a vigorous day of exploring the woodlands with skilled naturalists and trackers

Moderate physical exertion including travel on uneven, hilly and rocky terrain is expected.

It will be held within 12 miles of our York, Maine headquarters as we’ll be seeking the most ideal snow conditions.  We’ll confirm location details 48 hours before the program starts.

All programs this winter will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at