Bushcraft Fellowship

Ages 13 - 17


July 19 – 23


5 days, 4 nights

Registration Opens March 8th at noon



Seacoast Area
Gear List:
Teen Expeditions

Fellowship /ˈfelōˌSHip/:  Noun: friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.

Program Summary

The Bushcraft Fellowship is a teen expedition designed for teens who love making things! It is at the core of being human to learn about our environment by manipulating the resources around us to meet our needs. Teens will spend 5 days immersed in their environment learning how to provide for their basic needs with the natural materials at hand. We will dive deep into survival skills like fire and shelter. We’ll learn how to use various tools to fashion things like bow-drills, benches, and dwellings. We’ll learn to cook with fire in the preparation of hearty woodland meals. And we’ll put our skills to good use, improving the condition of our camp through trail work and land stewardship. Teens will grow in confidence and self-reliance, while gaining a greater appreciation for our interdependence and the power of cooperation.

Program Details

  • Survival skills, fire & shelter
  • 5 days, 4 nights