Now offering aftercare for summer camp ages 5 – 11!

Small Group & Cohort Programs

Ages 5 - 15


Typically these programs run up to 3 hours.


Nov-Dec:  Send along an article of blaze orange to wear. We wear blaze orange during hunting season- no matter the location.


Please contact White Pine for information.

To be arranged with group

Program Summary

With the presence of COVID-19, families are making difficult choices when it comes to putting their children in school. To remote learn? To learn in-person? Hybrid? The right answer is different for every child.  White Pine has a long history in providing enrichment programs to home schooled children and this year, we are offering small group programs to families or groups of friends who want to provide their children with the opportunity to have regularly scheduled outdoor learning time with a White Pine mentor.

Program Objectives

  • Spend time outdoors weekly in the same location, creating a sense of place
  • Grow confidence through exploration
  • Increase comfort being outdoors in all conditions
  • Develop listening and observation skills through sit spots and journaling
  • Connect with other children
  • Get dirty! Be a kid! Play!

Program Details

Together with White Pine, interested parents will find a mutually agreeable time for programs. We are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 and 5 pm.  The program is designed to run up to three hours on a weekly basis through December. Because it is a small group program, our Lead Educators will work with the group and design the time to be focused around the interests of the group. Up to 12 children can participate.

To request more information, please email Heather Campbell.

All programs this year will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at https://whitepineprograms.org/covid-19/.