**Limited spots still available for summer camp, ages 11-14! Please call our office for info! 207-361-1911**

Intro to Permaculture Webinar Series

Adult and interested teens


Wednesday’s 7 – 8:30 pm

March 24th – Appropriate Technology
April 28th – Sustainable Suburbs
May 26th  – Observing and Interacting
June 23rd – Building Soil


Sliding Scale

$10-$50 per session
$50-$125 for the Season

Online Zoom Webinar

Program Summary

Make a greater contribution to creating a healthy and regenerative future for yourself and the generations to come. Are you an avid gardener or nature lover who wants to be more self-sufficient? Have you heard of permaculture but want to learn more?

Join White Pine Programs Lead Educator and Certified Permaculture Designer Ryan Busby for this virtual introduction to the principles of permaculture and how they can be applied in our lives today and in the future. Many people have seen or heard of permaculture in one form or another. Maybe it was mimicking nature in the garden with companion planting or deep mulches, planting polycultures using fruit trees and perennial vegetables, or visiting a passive solar natural building with rainwater catchment, storage and irrigation systems. Maybe you’ve read a few articles or even a book about the subject and you want to learn more. Whatever your knowledge of the topic you will leave outfitted with many examples of how permaculture can help create a more abundant future for us all.

Program Objectives

  •  Gain and understanding of what Permaculture is and its history
  • Learn about Permaculture Principles
  • Learn about zones of use
  • See some examples of permaculture principles in practice in our area
  • Be inspired to live more sustainably by integrating permaculture in your life
  • Participate from home by starting your own seeds with follow-along, step-by-step instructions

Program Topics

  • 3/24 – Appropriate Technology – When and how to use technology in a regenerative way instead of an extractive way will be featured in this introduction to permaculture.
  • 4/28 – Sustainable Suburbs – How can we retro-fit the human habitats and landscapes of sub-urban spaces using permaculture principles. How do we leverage existing infrastructure to move toward true sustainability.
  • 5/26 – Observing and Interacting – Special focus will be put on the importance of careful observation before making design decisions this month. We will discuss how nature connection and permaculture intersect and overlap.
  • 6/23 – Building Soil Through Permaculture – This month soil and it’s critical role in healthy ecosystems and human populations will be the featured subject. Learn how permaculture principles teach us how to enhance soil health.

Program Description

We will meet virtually via zoom webinar from 7-8:30pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  This virtual session is designed for ages 12+ and registration will be limited to 40 participants.  The cost of the program is Free, with a suggested donation of $5- $25.

Each session is a separate registration, please click on Session to Register: