New England Bird Language Intensive

Adults curious about discovering the world of birds

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Bird Language – is a universal language that all living things share on this planet – a language we all used to understand. We call this Bird Language. Bird Language includes a series of sounds and movements that not only birds, but all other wildlife understand. It serves as an early warning system to ensure peace and safety.

The NEBLI workshop will be on break for the 2020 session, please check back for New programing format for 2021!!

Bird Language is also useful in our human relationships – as it helps us detect and move energies like tension, conflict, peace and relaxation. Learning to decipher what the birds are telling us about the location and intention of other animals and what they have to say is mind-expanding. White Pine’s bird language course offerings open your senses to this world.

What is the New England Bird Language Intensive (NEBLI)?

  • This intensive is a course designed to teach you how identify, interpret and appreciate the wonderful world of birds.
  • Spend a long weekend studying the birds within the context of a naturalist community. Beginners and experts alike come together to observe and share their knowledge and love for the birds.

Who is the New England Bird Language Intensive for?

  • Anyone curious to discover more about the world of birds.
  • Not a “birder”? This workshop is also great for hikers, hunters, and nature enthusiasts of all sorts. Basically, if you spend time outside, you’ll learn a TON from this experience.
  • Beginners and experience birders are invited to join. This course is designed to meet people at all levels. In fact, it’s not uncommon for folks to return to NEBLI for a 2nd or 3rd time!