New England Bird Behavior Workshop

Adults curious about discovering the world of birds


4 pm Friday, May 5 – 12 pm Sunday, May 7


4 pm Friday through Sunday 12 pm
May 5 – 7, 2023


Price, including food & lodging TBA

Limited scholarships are available

Riverbend Farm, Saco, Maine
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Blue JayHave you ever wondered what birds are saying? Maybe you’ve noticed that a tufted titmouse has dozens of calls or that a blue jay can mimic a hawk. What are the birds thinking when they select a specific call? Are there other things happening in the surroundings that you can’t see or hear that the birds know about? YES!

Learning about bird behavior is a wonderful gateway to a greater understanding about all things living. Whether you’re in a park, hiking a trail or sitting in your yard, the birds are communicating to you! Bird Behavior includes a series of sounds and movements that fellow birds and all other wildlife understand. Their language serves as warning systems for the whole ecosystem.

downyWhite Pine’s approach to understanding birds goes beyond bird sightings. We dive into their sounds, their signs (ie: feeding and nesting habits), their movement and their interactions with each other to learn how they live and survive. We make connections between birds and climate change, native and invasive plants and how they interact with the entire ecosystem.

Once you begin to see birds through this lens, you’ll never look at a bird the same way!

What is the  New England Bird Behavior Workshop?

  • This weekend course designed to teach you how tune into different bird calls and sounds, to identify birds by their various calls and to interpret bird behavior.
  • Spend a long weekend with our White Pine naturalist community. Beginners and experts alike come together to observe and share their knowledge and love for the birds.
  • Want more detailed information on the weekend?

Who is the  New England Bird Behavior Workshop for?

  • Anyone curious to discover more about the world of birds.
  • It’s ok if you don’t consider yourself a “birder”? Do you hunt? Garden? Hike? Camp? Ski? Anyone who spends time outside and has curiosity around nature will benefit from this experience.
  • This course is designed to meet people at all levels. No prior experience with birds is required, but if you are already tuned into the world of birds, we will group you with like-minded peers. Our team of expert birders will tailor your experience to your experience!

Hosted by White Pine Programs on the Ecology School campus in Saco, ME

We are SO excited to be partnering with the Ecology School on the Saco River in Saco, Maine for this program. Their beautiful and NEW campus at Riverbend Farm is environmentally designed to, in their words, “create a symbiotic relationship between people and all aspects of the built environment.” Set upon 96 acres, their green, the campus was built to the “Living Building Challenge” to model conservation and to maximize the location with sweeping views and outdoor spaces. The farm also includes permaculture spaces and over three miles of well maintained trails.

More Details
Still looking for more information? Learn about the 2022 agenda and staff in our program brochure, found here. Our 2023 program will be very similar, but check back for updates!