**Limited spots still available for summer camp, ages 11-14! Please call our office for info! 207-361-1911**

Permaculture Workshop – Pollinator & Medicine Garden

Adults and interested teens


Sunday May 16th
9am – 12pm


Items to Bring:

  • Work gloves
  • shoes you can get dirty
  • Water bottle
  • Notebook/journal (optional)


$30 – $60 / sliding scale

170 Cider Hill Rd York, Maine

Are you interested in deepening your interaction with nature through gardening? Then this workshop is for you. Join White Pine Lead Educator and Certified Permaculture Designer, Ryan Busby.

Program Summary

Gardens connect us to our ecosystem by making us aware of the subtle influences of wind, water, sun, and wildlife on the growth of plants. However, many gardeners fight against these forces and impose their will on the landscape only to be hampered by pests, diseases and/or extra work. We can learn to work with these natural forces and realize the potential of the sites we tend to.

In this next part of the White Pine Permaculture Series we will be planting a Medicine Garden at the White Pine HQ. Guided by Certified Permaculture Designer and White Pine Lead Educator Ryan Busby, participants will take part in planting and preparing garden beds within the newly created teaching garden at White Pine. The focus of this garden is to grow medicinal and utilitarian plants that
provide benefit to pollinators and create a sensory experience for those walking through the garden.

We want staff and students to experience the garden with all five of their senses while they harvest for teas, smudges, tools, tinder or a quick nibble. You will have the opportunity to meet and learn about new plant species as you help put them in the ground and practice preparing and shaping garden beds and paths. Try out layering plants to take advantage of vertical space using groundcovers interplanted with taller plants. Learn how to position clumpers and spreaders to fill gaps. We will discuss how plant species can work symbiotically and also benefit pollinators. We will discuss methods for dealing with weeds and pests in any garden to minimize unnecessary work. Come join us and learn some new tips you can use in any type of garden this growing season!

Program Objectives

  • Learn about useful native & naturalized plants and their
    medicinal uses
  • Learn about “superstar” plants that serve multiple
    functions in the garden
  • Learn how plants benefit pollinators beyond feeding them
  • Practice “No-Till” garden planting methods
  • Learn about and practice “companion” planting and
    “layering” to maximize yield per sq/ft
  • Practice shaping beds and pathways in the garden for
    form and function

Program Details

This workshop will meet outside at White Pine HQ, 170 Cider Hill Rd., York, ME, from 9am to 12pm on Sunday May 9th. The event is designed for ages 12 and up and registration will be limited to 20 participants. We do require pre-registration. All programs this spring will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at https://whitepineprograms.org/covid-19/.