Permaculture Garden Design Workshop

Adults and interested teens


Dates Coming!


$60 / sliding scale

170 Cider Hill Rd York, Maine

Are you interested in deepening your interaction with nature through gardening? Then this workshop is for you. White Pine Lead Educator and Certified Permaculture Designer,

Program Summary

Ryan Busby, will facilitate a real-world, hands on, collaborative permaculture design process. Every step will be shared including site assessment, visioning, schematic drawing and plant selection. Taking the time to plan ahead will result in a beautiful and smoothly functional space that will save countless hours and hassle in gardening.  Whether you are looking to grow your own food, provide food for pollinators or create a beautiful garden sanctuary for yourself or your organization you will leave with the tools to make it happen.

We will be working on the design for a new garden plot at White Pine’s Headquarters which was the site of our Establishing a No-Till Garden Workshop in November.  Come be a part of the ongoing creation of an intentional space where White Pine will facilitate the interaction between people and nature through tending this garden.

Program Objectives

  • Learn how to assess your site’s elemental influences like sun, wind, water, soil, and people
  • Practice visioning techniques that sharpen our ability to create the space we want to be in
  • Learn and practice basic mapping and drawing techniques for planning your space
  • Learn where to find resources for selecting plants and how to assemble a plant list
  • Learn how to plan companion plantings, assemble guilds and design polycultures
  • Create a concept design and layout for the new garden at White Pine HQ

Program Details

Our meeting location is at our office, 170 Cider Hill Road in York, Maine. Should the session be moved to online format we will notify participants.  All programs this winter will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at