Teen Wilderness Weekends (Mini EXPEDITIONS)

Teens ages 13 to 17


2 Night Adventures – Friday 4 pm to Sunday 4pm

November 11-13
March 17-19
April 28-30
May 19-21

Because of limitations on group transport, we will require participants to be dropped off and picked up at our weekend locations. If this is a hardship, please let us know.
In addition we also have gear to share, so don’t let experience hinder your child’s registration!


Single Weekends each: $315

Current CIT’s – 10% discount! call the office for the code

Destinations vary each weekend, locations to be announced.
Gear Lists:
TW Gear List Link

Program Summary

Seasonally – Teens will work both collaboratively and on their own to complete navigation, shelter & fire challenges each season, while broadening their competence as naturalists alongside skilled mentors. Participants will build confidence and respect for craft, nature and one another. This program will help with expedition preparedness and grow knowledge of back-country ethics and living – skills that’ll last a lifetime. Teen Wilderness Weekends are 48-hour immersions into wild places under the guidance of top-notch mentors and educators.

Program Objectives

  • Learn and explore with the oversight of an experienced naturalist
  • Rest the online learning brain with a device-free weekend outside
  • Experience a variety of local, wild locations
  • Gain advanced wilderness skills
  • Grow confidence through team projects
  • Increase comfort being outdoors in all conditions
  • Energize for the week of learning ahead
  • Connect with other teens
  • Get dirty! Sleep under the stars!

Program Details

New elements for this year include:

  • 4 Weekends of teen wilderness experiences (book one at a time or all 8!)
  • 48-Hour format – 4pm Friday through 4pm Sunday
  • New locations each weekend designed to create new challenges and provoke expanded learning

Because of limitations on group transport, we will require participants to be dropped off at our weekend location. If this is a hardship for you, please contact us once registered and we will arrange for your child’s transportation at no additional cost. We also have gear to share, so do not let lack of experience hinder your child’s registration! When registering, select the full year or one weekend at a time. More information on location will be provided prior to program.

Are you a teacher, guidance counselor or school administrator? We welcome inquiries for specific students who would benefit from this program at low or no cost. We have gear to share, minimizing any out of pocket costs. To learn more, please email Heather Campbell.

All programs this winter will follow White Pine’s COVID-19 protocols, which can be found at https://whitepineprograms.org/covid-19/.