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Ways of the Wild

Boys & Girls ages 7-14


9am – 3pm

Tuesdays: Sept 29 –  June 1

Thursdays: Oct 1 – June 3


*Each season includes an overnight experience for those who are ready!


Must be age 7 by Dec 31, 2020


Full Year & Seasonal Registrations Open July 1st, 2020


Full Year: $2295

Seasonal: $999


Select a payment plan at registration
Scholarships available – just click the button to apply

Ways of the Wild will take place at Zacharias Farm, located at 7 Colby Turner Lane in York, Maine. This historic, scenic property has abundant woodlands, fields and frontage on the Smelt Brook & York River.
Gear List:
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Long days in the wild with skilled, caring adults cultivates a child’s innate love of nature, engages their senses, activates their awe and excitement. Our focus on awareness, wilderness skills and community building leads to many lessons about the self, others and our place in community. Through the seasons competency is gained through experiential learning in many wilderness skills including: safe fire making and tending, shelter construction, navigation, sensory engagement, wild edible safety, harvest and preparation.