**Limited spots still available for summer camp, ages 11-14! Please call our office for info! 207-361-1911**

White Mountain Jaunt 1 & 2

Ages 13 - 17


Jaunt 1 – July 6, 7, 8 & 9
Jaunt 2 – July 20, 21, 22, 23


4 days, 3 nights


Fee $750

Sandwich Range, NH
Gear List:
Teen Expeditions

Jaunt  /jônt/: Noun: a short excursion or journey for pleasure.

Program Summary

The White Mountain Jaunt, both 1 and 2, will offer an exciting 4-day adventure for teens of all ages, while also serving as an excellent introduction to backpacking and wilderness camping for those looking for just a taste of what it’s like! We will spend our time trekking through some of New Hampshire’s remote wilderness, exploring old growth forest, climbing rugged peaks, and cooling off in mountain streams. Teens will learn how to set up and break down low-impact wilderness campsites, cook meals over open fires, and navigate using maps and the natural features of the land.

Program Details

  • Introduction to wilderness camping
  • 4 days, 3 nights
  • Choose from Jaunt 1 or 2