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White Mountain Jaunt Expedition

Ages 12-16


Tuesday – Friday
July 16 – 19, 2024


4 days, 3 nights

Transportation is provided: Drop is at off our Cider Hill Office

Registration is Open



Center Conway, NH
Gear List:
Gear List

Embark on Adventure: The White Mountain Jaunt – A Thrilling 4-Day Wilderness Experience for Young Teens

The White Mountain Jaunt presents an exhilarating 4-day, three-night adventure tailored for young teens, making it an ideal introduction to backpacking and wilderness camping for those seeking a brief yet immersive experience! Our journey will take us through the remote wilderness of New Hampshire, allowing participants to explore new areas each day and gain insights into tracking, wildlife signs, identification, and the vibrant activity in nature during the bustling summer months. Alongside the adventure, we’ll focus on:

  • Wildlife tracking, observation, the art of questioning, and identification
  • Wildlife homes and habitats
  • Field guide work and journaling
  • Tracking games
  • Summer bird visitors/activity

Utilizing the White Mountain National Forest Basin Campground as our home base, we’ll embark on a series of day-long expeditions. Teens will acquire skills such as setting up and breaking down low-impact wilderness campsites, cooking meals over open fires, and navigating using maps and the natural features of the land.