**Limited spots still available for summer camp, ages 11-14! Please call our office for info! 207-361-1911**

White Mountain Ramble Expedition

Teens ages 13 – 17


August 1 – 6


Registration Opens March 8th


Evan's Notch, Maine & NH
Gear List:
Teen Expedition

Ramble /ˈrambəl/ verb: walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.

Program Summary

This trip takes teens well off the beaten track & deep into the wilderness, where they’ll spend 6 screen-free days exploring the White Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire with a skilled guide and assistant. A blend of adventure, challenge & fun, teens will empower themselves through developing and honing off-trail navigation skills.

Program Details

  • Backpacking, wilderness camping, off-trail navigation
  • Six days and 5 night expedition

Each day, teens will take on the challenge of route-finding over rugged terrain through the use of map and compass and observing natural features. They will be rewarded with amazing views on remote, trail-less peaks and by plunging into spectacular natural rock pools of cool, mountain waters.

Each night, they’ll make camp in one of New England’s wildest places, and deepen their understanding of the plants, animals, and fungi that live there.