White Mountain Ramble Expedition

Teens ages 14 – 17


Sunday -Friday
August 4-9, 2024


Six day, five night expedition

Note: this is a trip designed for teens with some experience hiking and camping.

Registration is Open



White Mountain National Forest
Gear List:
Gear List

Embark on the Ultimate Wilderness Journey: A Six-Day Backpacking Adventure in the Majestic White Mountains for Teens

Venture far from the usual paths as teens delve deep into the wilderness, spending 6 days and 5 nights exploring the expansive and breathtaking White Mountains alongside two experienced guides. A perfect blend of adventure, challenge, and fun awaits as teens forge their own trail to discover hidden gems within the mountains. This immersive trip focuses on:

  • Navigation, mapping, and orienteering
  • Tool use and knot tying
  • Campfire cooking
  • Friction fire skills
  • Team building

Each day, teens will navigate rugged terrain using map and compass, unlocking panoramic vistas from remote peaks and refreshing dips into the natural rock pools of cool mountain waters.

As night falls, they’ll set up camp in one of New England’s most untamed locations, deepening their understanding of the local flora, fauna, and fungi that inhabit this wild landscape.