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White Pine Workshops

Adults and Curious Teens 16+


9am – 3pm

November 20
December 11
January 8
March 12


Sliding scale, financially assisted tuition $25, $50
Actual cost $75 per session
Support a community member cost $100

Locations Vary

Program Summary

Are you curious about the natural world? Have you been meaning to learn some practical bushcraft skills? White Pine Workshops are a new opportunity for adults to dive deep with our team of naturalists and bushcraft specialists into one or more topics of interest. For a full day at a variety of specially chosen outdoor settings, we’ll immerse ourselves in topics including: traditional methods of fire-making, wildlife track and sign identification, winter ecology and birding by ear and sight. Detailed descriptions and locations for each workshop available.

Program Objectives

  • Get to know unique and varied ecosystems and the wildlife they support
  • Develop skills and confidence using resources to help with identification of birds or track and sign
  • Practice techniques of observation and questioning to increase your naturalist skills
  • Connect with others who share interests in being more aware in nature
  • Build your bushcraft skills to further connect with the earth

Program Description

Workshops meet from 9am-3pm. Dates, locations and topics will vary – see below for more information. Pre-registration is required. With consideration of COVID-19, we are limiting enrollment each month to 12 participants. Program costs are based on a sliding fee scale.

November 20, 2021
Track & Sign Workshop
Sandy Point State Reservation  Plum Island, MA

Like to get to know more about the wildlife neighbors in your area? Our Wildlife Track and Sign Workshop is a gathering of adults and interested teens who are curious about nature and have a desire to connect and learn with others about wildlife. We will visit Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge Ipswich, MA. Our day will be exploring what tracks, trails and signs were left by our natural neighbors. Sandy Point is a beautiful area that can have diverse migrating species, as well as some year round resident species. All are welcome – beginners to more experienced trackers, naturalists and people who enjoy being in nature.

December 11
Winter Ecology Workshop
Zach’s Farm  York, ME

Living in New England during the winter can be tough, but how do our natural neighbors fare in such harsh conditions? Join us for a day at Zach’s Farm exploring the forest for the diversity of life that thrives in such conditions. From trees, to animal tracks, to wetlands, we will see what activity is happening during this time of year. All are welcome – beginners to more experienced trackers, naturalists and people who enjoy being in nature.

January 8
Fire by Friction Workshop
Zach’s Farm  York, ME

Have you ever wondered how to start fire using only natural materials? Join us for a day out in the field building our own bow-drill kits. We will go through what type of wood is best suited for bow-drill, how to collect tinder, and work on body form. At the end of the day, you will leave with your very own bow-drill kit! All are welcome – beginners to more experienced at fire skills, to people who enjoy being in nature.

March 12
Winter Bird Workshop
Highland Farm Preserve  York, ME

Come join us for a day of birding. As spring migration starts to ramp up, this is a great chance to get out and see who is stopping by. We will explore Highland Farm Preserve and all the different habitats it has to offer. This will be a great chance to see a diversity of species, as well as learn skills on how to approach bird identification and bird language. All are welcome – beginners to more experienced birders, to people who enjoy being in nature.