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Wildlife Tracking and Nature Study

Adults 18+



One weekend a month across three seasons

Please revisit this page for dates to come in the future!



Seacoast region of Maine, NH and MA with field trips to various, unique ecosystems to learn from the wildlife and plants who make their home there. Some weekends we’ll travel to more distant locations in Northern New England including Jackson, NH, Jackman, ME and Criehaven Island off the coast of Rockland, ME.


Price includes basic lodging for the remote weekends. Food will be pot-luck and provided by participants.


Varies by month

Are you curious about the natural world? Would you like to deepen your connection to nature alongside other engaged, adult learners? In the Wildlife Tracking and Nature Study program we will spend one weekend per month from October to June exploring unique habitats and ecosystems to get to know the plants, trees, birds, mammals and other living organisms who interact and live there. Through classroom and independent study we will deepen our connection with one another and the plants and wildlife we endeavor to know better. By studying the tracks and signs that wildlife leave behind on the landscape, we’ll gain insight into their behaviors and learn to identify various species. By listening and paying attention to the calls and songs birds make, we’ll gain access to the complex relationships and communication taking place around us in the natural world. Through a variety of practices including journaling, research, games, storytelling and songs to name a few, we’ll grow more connected to nature and each other.

With flexibility in ways to participate, you can choose your naturalist adventure by selecting the commitment level that works for you. Whether you are engaged and present each weekend or choose to add levels of complexity with journals, homework assignments, independent study, monthly community calls and/or an individualized naturalist or tracking project, you can create the experience that supports your learning style and lifestyle. Potluck meals shared each weekend will foster our sense of community and connection.

Steeped in combined decades of naturalist study, Debbie Lyons and Amy Beal, will facilitate group learning experiences in beautiful locations across Northern New England. Special guest educators from White Pine Programs will bring their field specialties to enrich the curriculum.

To learn more about this exciting program, please read our flyer found here.

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