Wildlife Tracking Evaluations

Adults interested in raising the bar with their track, sign & trailing skills


While White Pine is not directly hosting and registering for Wildlife Track & Sign Evaluations, we do our best to offer information here on any New England based evals.

Note: you will need to contact and / or register through the folks listed (not White Pine)



As described for each individual eval and their host.

NOTE: As of September 2018, White Pine Programs is no longer serving as a hosting organization for wildlife tracking and/or trailing evaluations. However, we fully support and encourage people to partake in the certification process.


Tracker Evaluations serve as a means for competent trackers to prove credibility and gain employment in the application of tracking skills: track, sign and trailing. Tracker evaluations are also an efficient form of education and excellent means to test observer reliability.


Click here to view CyberTracker’s list of Qualified Trackers both here in North America and abroad in Africa.


To see a calendar of upcoming evaluations throughout the world, visit the calendar page of Tracker Certification below.