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Winter Wildlife Tracking Intensive


February 26-27
9am Saturday – 2pm Sunday


Cornish, Maine



Cornish Maine
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Gear List

Program Summary

Winter is a magical time to see the snow covered landscape come to life. With all the beautiful snow covering vast distances, we can see who has been out and about all over the forest. We have the opportunities to trail tracks for great distances, and see the unfolding story of that creature that day. Even though the winter can seem slow, it is teaming with life. There are lots of amazing creatures living out their daily lives, and leaving tons of track and sign behind for us to discover. Would you like to discover who is out and about? Would you like to relive the life of a fisher following its trail? Join us for an amazing weekend of adventure, exploration and learning with rustic accommodations, to help us warm up after in some cozy cabins and potluck dinner.

Program Objectives

  • Gain wildlife track and sign identification knowledge
  • Learn about winter wildlife survival strategies
  • Connect with other wildlife and tracking enthusiasts
  • Explore a beautiful woodland landscape

Program Description

We will be heading up to Cornish, ME during the snowiest month of the year. We will begin on Saturday morning, and head out into the woods. We will spend our day tracking, moving across the landscape. Once we are done with our day out in the field, we will have space for self care and heating up. Saturday night we will have a potluck dinner. After dinner, there will be an evening session on the topic of Winter Wildlife Tracking. We will set out again Sunday morning in different areas on the land. Participants will be on there way home around 2pm when we wrap up.