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Cheryl Perreault


Cheryl Perreault has a background in education, psychology and creative writing.  In the past 20 years she has worked as a writing facilitator with people of all ages and stages of life including work with children in public schools as resident poet to writing life review stories with hospice patients at the end-of-life. Believing that creative writing can serve to promote individual and community well-being, Cheryl  has also hosted programs of poetry, story and song for community and HCAM-TV and is co-editor of two-anthologies of  community poetry and stories. Since retirement, she has taken to sitting very still in her yard  in the morning to listen and applaud the poetry, stories and songs of nearby birds, squirrels and trees. Cheryl joined the White Pine Program as a volunteer in 2023.  She looks forward to spending time at elder camp sharing conversations in the forest with the WoW and Weevils kids, feeding chickadees by hand and finding ways to experience and express collective awe and wonder of our amazing natural world.