Summer Programs 2024

2024 – Our team is excited to bring another summer of adventure to the Seacoast! Thanks to some new land partners, Registration has been Expanded!  Keep reading to learn about our offerings this summer and please be sure to read the “fine print” at the bottom of this page for updated registration policies. 

We believe that access to nature is essential for all humans and that spending time outdoors playing is crucial for healthy childhood development. In order to make our summer camp financially accessible for all, we have a sliding scale tuition model that allows all families to thoughtfully determine the amount affordable to them. Please read more about the model and how to support campers or ask for Financial Aid in the “Fine Print” section of this page.

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Coastal Forest Summer Camp: Ages 5 – 10 (Entering grades 1 – 5)

Imagine embarking on a journey that will expand your child’s relationship with the natural world. Spark their inner curiosity and build their self-confidence. Together with experienced White Pine leaders, they will spend the day storytelling, playing games, doing sit spots, mapping the landscape, journaling, learning survival skills, and wandering throughout the fields and forests.

Hands-on activities such as shelter building, learning bushcraft skills such as basket and cordage making, carving sticks for bow drills (ages 10& up) and MORE!

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White Pine Camp is also about building community. Campers will have the chance to share their skills with each other and work together to complete group challenges and projects. We spend time talking about and modeling stewardship of the land and help to inspire children to be curious about the world around them. 

Children will leave camp with new experiences, friendships, sense of self and a deeper connection to our Earth. 

Camp Details

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm
Friday, 9 am to 12 pm

Location: Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York Maine

Note: This is an all-outdoor camp. 

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*Children can be entering kindergarten but must be 6 by October 15, 2024 (see fine print below for details)


Piney Tweens Camp:  Ages 11-14 (Entering grades 6-8)

This camp is designed specifically for Tweens. White Pine educators will focus on exploring the natural world along with acquiring the skills required to be comfortable and safe in the wild outdoors. Campers will join their peers on a 5 day program (all) outside, learning about local ecology and survival skills like fire making and navigation, all culminating in an overnight on the fourth day. While each week has a theme, naturalist skills, hand crafts, mapping, orienteering and team building will be a part of every session.

Camp Details:

Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 9 am to 3 pm
Thursday – 9 am drop off with overnight, 9 am pickup Friday


Note: This is an all-outdoor camp. 

For More Information and to Register for the Tweens Click Here 

*must be 11 by October 15, 2024 (see fine print below for details)

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Tweens will spend their days doing activities campers love and appreciate learning at White Pine, such as survival skills, bush craft, fire making, tool usage, wild edibles identification, mapping and navigation.  Thursday night’s overnight provides an opportunity for tweens to test their skills with fun nighttime games, hikes and exploration. In addition, tweens will participate in stewardship projects and team building exercises.

Teen Expeditions:  Ages 12-17 

What better way to end a crazy school year than with some intense outdoor time? Teens interested in backcountry exploration and more advanced bushcraft and naturalist skills will enjoy overnight trips throughout Maine and New Hampshire with our experienced guides.

White Mountain Jaunt
Designed for tweens ages 12-14, this is a great trip for students new to backcountry camping and hiking. Our theme this week will focus around wildlife tracking and ecology.

 Designed for teens ages 14-17 with hiking and camping experience. Students carry packs that are approximately 20- 25 lbs for the duration of the trip. Our theme this week will be practicing outdoor skills and backcountry navigation

The Fine Print

All sessions have a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $50. If this is a hardship for your family, please call our office and we can provide you a code to bypass it. If your family is not approved for financial aid, we will refund your deposit in full.

Age Requirements
We use grade levels as a way to group children and follow York’s enrollment cut off date of October 15, 2023. We know this causes a little bit of confusion, especially when so many children have waited a year to enter kindergarten. The minimum age to participate in Coastal Forest Camp is age 6 by October 15, 2024 (regardless of grade level).  This means a child can be 5 during the summer but must turn 6 by October 15, 2024. For Piney Tweens Camp, children can be 10 but must turn 11 by October 15, 2024 (regardless of grade level) to participate. This means your child can be 10 at the time of camp but must turn 11 by October 15, 2024.

Parent Handbook
When registering, parents will be asked to agree to the policies in our parent handbook, which you can read here. The handbook contains important information around our curriculum, safety protocols and disciplinary process. We especially recommend that families new to White Pine review the document together with their child.

COVID and Masking
White Pine follows the latest CDC guidance around camp attendance and masking. As of January 2023, that means campers can attend 5 days after the first day or symptoms, if the camper is fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication, and they are not experiencing any other symptoms. Masks will not be required for any camper, but we are a mask-supportive community, if your family chooses to mask anytime.  Our refund policy will remain the same and that can be found here. If you feel that your family cannot follow these guidelines, we ask that you consider waiting until next year to participate.

We often get requests to switch weeks at the last minute and do what we can to accommodate those. However, once we are within a 2 week period of the camp starting, we are unable to make those shifts as we rarely can fill the open spots. These shifts are very labor and time intensive and we simply don’t have the human power to handle them. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation Policy
There is a non-refundable $50 administrative fee for cancellations anytime prior to the program’s start date. Cancellations made within 60 – 31 days of the program’s start date may receive a refund of 50% of full tuition, less the non-refundable administrative fee. Cancellations 2 weeks or less before the program’s start date receive no refund. Please Click Here for More Details

Sliding Scale Tuition
This model leans on families who are well resourced financially to help subsidize families who may be choosing between summer child care and basic needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information on how to select your child’s tuition. 

To ensure we have enough money to provide a robust scholarship program, we need families to help support our financial aid program by selecting the “support a camper” tuition or by making a donation at checkout. As a small 501(C)3 non-profit, our participant fees do not cover all our actual costs for programming and we rely on generous individuals and businesses to help cover the gap. Any and all donations will be receipted for tax purposes. 

Financial Aid
Our new process is super easy – simply select the tuition your family can afford, then answer a few short questions during registration. Applying for aid does not guarantee we can provide you with the requested amount, however, we will do the best we can based on enrollment and the fundraising we do during registration. Applicants will be notified within 45 days of their registration. If making the non-refundable deposit is a hardship, please call our office at 207-361-1911. We offer tuition discounts of 25% and 50% which can be self-selected during registration. If your family needs more than 50%, please select the lower tuition and provide details to us in the financial aid section. We do everything we can to avoid turning families away, so please ask for what you need. Requests made for aid during registration are reviewed monthly. Should we not be able to fulfill your request, we will provide a full refund of monies paid and your deposit. Unfortunately, we cannot extend financial aid for more than one session to a single family member. If you have questions about the process or want to provide more information about your application, please call our office at 207-361-1911. ** We have exhausted all aid for the summer, if you are still interested in applying for financial aid please email 

Groupings & Friends
We understand that, often, friends and family members sign up for camp on the same week to be together, and we do the best we can to honor those requests. However, balancing groups is tricky business! We appreciate your understanding.

Special Needs
One of the most wonderful things about the outdoors is that nature is an equalizer. Some of the children who participate in our programs have IEPs and 504s and thrive at White Pine. It is very helpful when families share these plans with us so that we can communicate with teachers, counselors and parents/guardians about special accommodations and sensitivities. If your child has a one-on-one aid during the school year or specific medical needs that might require individual attention or training, please speak with Program Director Todd DuPont at 207-361-1911 prior to registering. We cannot accommodate children who require a one-on-one aid for more than half a day each day of programming. If you feel your child needs significant support or have additional questions, please call us to determine how we can best accommodate your child. 

CIT’s – Counselor’s In Training

Join our team of educators as a CIT and get on-the-job leadership and mentoring training. CITs have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their naturalist skills as well as be part of a dynamic and fun community-minded team. CITs directly support the Piney staff by assisting groups with adventures, playing games, singing songs, telling stories and tackling chores and projects with a positive, helpful attitude.

For more information click here.

CITs are an important part of our program