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Summer Programs

Thinking about summer 2022?
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We look forward to sharing fresh ideas and details in January 2022.

Review of our past 2021 Summer Programs

More than ever before, we are looking to make our programs accessible to anyone in our communities and have streamlined our financial aid process. This also means asking families, who have the resources, to help sponsor other campers.  It’s super easy to do and because White Pine Programs is a a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit , your donation may be tax deductible. During registration, simply select one of our options for “Support A Camper” – at whatever level you can afford – and that fee will cover your child’s registration, plus partially fund a scholarship for another child in the community.

CIT’s – Counselor’s In Training

For Ages 14 and over

Join our team of mentors in providing awesome nature experiences for others- and yourself! Develop and strengthen leadership skills, share your own wilderness skills and be part of a strong community-minded team. Counselors in Training (CIT’s) will directly support the Piney Staff by assisting with adventures, playing games, singing songs, telling stories and tackling chores and projects with a positive, helpful attitude.

For Information on Full Year CIT’s Click Here

Woods, Water and Farm Summary:

Ages 11-14 (Entering grades 6-9)

This unique program will combine adventure with learning and stewardship. Designed in partnership with local land trusts and private land owners, tweens and young teens will have the opportunity to navigate a variety of environments. The flow of each week will change based on the region and days will be filled with opportunities to develop naturalist skills such as building debris shelters and carving a bow drill, play games, create a deeper connection to the land through sit spots and journaling, and even participate in some stewardship projects.  Through individual and team-based challenges, campers will build self-confidence, develop new leadership and accountability skills and establish a deeper connection to the Earth.

Each week we will visit 3-4 different locations, which will be chosen to provide experiences in varied ecosystems such as forests, estuaries, rivers, marshes and agricultural lands. Our groups will model a caretaker attitude and show how we can leave a place better than we found it. Exact locations for drop-off and pickup will be available in April. We hope to use vans to transfer for some camp locations, but that will depend on how COVID protocols develop through the spring. Read our detailed brochure here.

  • Epping/Brentwood Area – Hosted by Southeast Land Trust
  • The Berwicks  – Hosted by Great Works Regional Land Trust & Zach’s Farm
  • York/Kittery Area – Hosted by York Land Trust & Kittery Land Trust

2021 Teen Expeditions:

Ages 13-16

What better way to end a crazy school year than with some intense outdoor time? Teens interested in backwoods exploration and more advanced bush-craft and naturalist skills will enjoy overnight trips throughout Maine and New Hampshire with our experienced guides.

White Mountain Jaunt 1 & 2
Sandwich Range, New Hampshire
4 Day, 3 Night Expedition

White Mountain Ramble
Evan’s Notch
6 days 5 nights

Notch Explorers
Evan’s Notch
5 day, 4 Night Expedition

Summer Camp Summary:

Ages 5-11 (Entering grades 1-5)

Imagine embarking on a journey that will expand your child’s relationship with the natural world, spark their inner curiosity and build self-confidence. Together with their experienced White Pine mentors, they will spend the day storytelling, playing games, doing sit spots, mapping the landscape, journaling, learning survival skills, and wandering throughout the fields and forests. Your child will leave camp with new experiences, friendships, sense of self and a deeper connection to our Earth. Camps run from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday, for 6 individual weeks and will be located at Coastal Ridge Elementary School in York, Maine.

All weeks will include lots of building “Piney Skills”, not just Week 4!

Week #1 – Maine Mammalia Week

Are you an animal enthusiast? Jump in, paws first, to discover what fur bearing, homeothermic,  animal neighbors lurk in your backyard.

Week #2 – Birding Blitz Week

Campers will soar through the week by learning about nests, feathers, bird track and sign, bird language and MORE.

Week #3 – Wild Harvest & Tales of Trees Week

This week we will embark on a journey to explore and celebrate the edible, medicinal and practical uses, ecological magic, and mystical lore of plants.

Week #4 – Piney Survival Skills Week

Spend a week with skilled wilderness mentors and learn how to make a debris shelter, use a compass, tie a square knot, make tree tea and collect supplies for a successful tinder bundle.

Week #5 – Junior Wildlife Tracker Week

This week we will be diving into the art of tracking and looking for signs that we are not the only wild ones playing in the woods.

Week #6 – Wild & Wet Wetlands Week

With curious minds and exploration we will discover in a week’s time the  ponds, streams, vernal pools and swamps that await young naturalists. Get ready to be muddy!